Its that time of year again… time to till our tummy with yummy turkey dinner. But this means I can’t eat certain staple turkey dinner items.

  • Stuffing (NO)
  • Garden/ caesar Salad (check with what is contained in the salad and the dressing)
  • Gravy (NO)
  • Cranberry sauces (check with who made them and what they put in them, there are various ingredients)
  • Turkey (Some may contain gluten, so read the packaging and do your research!)
  • Mashed Potatoes (they do not contain gluten unless someone prepares them with an ingredient containing gluten)
  • Dessert (depending what it is but probably not)
  • Bread/ rolls (NO)

I have two dinners and I am the only gluten free eater. I have packed gluten free crackers so that if there are any dips I can still enjoy the dip. I have also made two of my own desserts to share with everyone (they are delicious and I have provided the recipe below) so that I can still enjoy dessert with everyone else. For myself, I am okay with missing out on the bread and or rolls served, however if you enjoy eating them bring your favourite gluten free bread and you can still enjoy it with everyone else.

You can still enjoy your turkey dinner, you just have to be extra careful of how everything is prepared and know what you can and cannot eat! – if you like coconut they are amazing and taste exactly like the Almond Joy bars! I made these with non gluten free eaters, and obviously we tested them out after baking them and they couldn’t tell that it was not real flour (coconut flour- soo good!)

I also made peanut butter and chocolate squares – if you can get over how much sugar is in them, you will love them! They are no bake and supper easy!!

Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving!


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